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And then there was one...

fragment of my dream

13 September
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I have (kinda) recently graduated from Tulane University (May 2003), and am now enrolled in a Clinical Psychology PhD program. Yay Me!! So, in around 3-4, I should have my PhD and be doing some really wonderful things. I'm a southern girl at heart, although I only lived in the South for 7 years (the 7 before moving to WY).

This journal is my own little escape from reality, my sanity check. I'm not necessarily sure it's working. Maybe it would work if I wrote more often. I'm gonna try to update more frequently, but don't be surprised if entries are sporadic at best.

Things haven't been going so hot lately. I seem to be very good at having my life fall apart, and I always seem to lack the means to be okay with the devestation or to pick up the pieces. This is relatively recent, so hopefully it will come together okay.

I hope to start writing more again soon - I could use it. But sometimes I just don't want to start doing something that I know will leave me emotionally devestated.

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